Rainbow Birthday Cake

Part of throwing a party in our house is making a cake. It’s a hobby of mine, and the girls really enjoy it too. I had a design in my head and decided to look online to see if anyone had done anything similar. It was basically going to be a bunch of rainbow tessellations going up the cake. However, I saw this design on the Party Wagon and just had to do it. Make sure you also check out the final results of our Rainbow Party.

The first step of course is baking. The kids love to help with this party. Please see our favorite white cake “White Velvet Cake” and my “Cake Making 101” tutorial. I simply added food coloring to a white cake batter.

The next step is to frost. You can see my level on top. I like to use a lever anyway, but I found it really helpful with such a tall cake. While I was frosting, the girls had their own cake making Play-Doh set out. I also had to color all of my fondant the rainbow colors.

The final step was to decorate. The big trick here was a Christmas gift from my wonderful husband…the clay extruder. It is actually a tool used for clay, but it really works great for fondant. It made this job fairly easy. It has a bunch of different discs that slip on the end so you can extrude different shapes. Great tool! I also need to say that I wanted to decorate during nap time. Abby really doesn’t nap much anymore, but sometimes she falls asleep during her quiet time. I was pretty disappointed when she came waltzing into the room. However, I invited her to join in, and she actually probably ended up cutting my job in half. She would roll out the fondant to fit into the extruder. She’d also help clean out the extruder after every color. It was really helpful, and I ended up being absolutely thrilled that she was there to help me. The design is fairly simple if you have this tool. Just extrude the snakes and layer onto the cake. Roll out fondant balls to put on top…or you can throw a bunch of gumballs on top for a bit of whimsy.